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Game Designer
Graphic Designer

I enjoy creating various styles of art. Every game and project I work on is different from the last.
I’m one of those designers with a million ideas and prototypes ready to grab when called upon.

I have two games on the shelves right now with two more coming next year.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for over 14 years working for clients like NASA, Disney, the US Army, BP, and Halliburton. I bring my knowledge of user interface and graphic design to boardgames to ensure that players have a seamless game play experience.

To see my professional Graphic Designer portfolio and resume, click here.

Your Answer for Kickstarter

Having successfully funded and published two games through Kickstarter, I know how hard it can be to get a project ready to launch. I know how it is, you need money to hire an artist. You need an artist to help you make money through Kickstarter. It’s a difficult situation for some.

That’s why I offer a solution.

If I feel that your game has the ability to go all the way and fund, I will agree to take a percentage of the final Kickstarter funds and do the work necessary to get the project to succeed. If the project fails, I will only charge half my rate. I can offer art, graphic design, marketing, and advise for your Kickstarter project.

Please note this offer is only available for those who can’t afford to hire me before the Kickstarter funds. If I believe, based on my experience, that your project will fund, we can work together. If I don’t believe it will fund, I promise a straight-forward reasoning for why. Contact me below for details.

Contact Information

If you’re interested in contacting me for freelance or permanent work, please use the following email address: